Facts about Myanmar


Myanmar Pre-1949

Myanmar used to be called Burma but the British who ruled the country from 1824 to 1948. 

The name Burma is serviced from the dominant Badar ethnic group that makes up 70% of the population.


Myanmar - Burma

In 1989 the military government changed the name to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Rangoon to Yangon.  Many countries did not recognize the name change and continued too refer to the country is Burma.


The Water Festival

The Water Festival known as Thingyan is one of the largest festivals in the country and is held every April to celebrate Burmese New Year. It is an amazing experience to participate in as a tourist.


What is Longyi

The Longyi is the traditional piece of clothing that both men and women wear throughout the country. 


Myanmar's traditional clothing

The difference in the clothing for men and women is the patterns on it andf. How the knot is tied.  Men allow their knot to hang out in front whereas women tuck it inside.


Imperial System

Myanmar uses the Imperial System – measure in pounds and distances in inches.


Women- Transport

Women traditionally carry things on their heads rather than using their hands.  It is considered more convenient to transport goods.


Capital of Myanmar

In October 2005, Yangon was the capital of the country. Not many weeks later the government staff were moved to a new capital that was built in secret 400 kilometres away to the north called Naypyidaw.


What is Thanaka ?

The magic of Thanaka is a special mixture of powdered bark that comes from a particular tree.  People put it on their faces to protect themselves from the sun.

Beautiful Myanmar